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The founder of TOKK company is Mevedev Zinoviy Grigor’evich.

He was born on the 5th of April 1944 in Aktyubinsk, Kazakhstan, in the period of evacuation. Soon parents came back to Moscow after his birth. He grew up in Perovo and left the school there. In 1961, he entered Moscow technological institute of food industry. At thirty years old, he passed Ph.D. defense.  Went through aspirant, senior researcher, head of the laboratory work to head of department. Then he worked in the Institute of fermental and alcohol industry, professorship in the all-union corresponding institute of food industry, doctor’s degree.

He was one of the first who carried on business in the country. In 1988 under his direction production and processing cooperative TOKK was found. Bio-ginseng - supplements, created in a laboratory conditions, was grown. In a year in Ramensky area, he built up a business on special type of dairy products with the use of his own science researches.  It was the beginning of his way to big business.

He was the first director and the owner of a large plant that is exemplary not only for Russia. Its technology and equipment complies with the samples of world production.

TOKK is one of the leaders of Russian packaging industry and the only manufacturer of some products in CIS.

Today 450 people work for TOKK Company, thus the volume of output per one person is more than in many similar western plants.

In 2005, a new production flow appeared – combined packaging made of plastic and metal. For all TOKK products, we use first-class raw material that successfully tested in the industry and meets international standards. It belongs to metal roll stock made of aluminum and iron, paints, varnishes sealing and lubricating materials. Main raw material is purchased in Western Europe: Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy