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TOKK – modern high-end company, among the first private enterprises of modern Russia, established in 1988.

Our company specializes in producing the packaging made of aluminum, tin and plastic: crown caps, twist off caps, aluminum caps, tins and other similar products and occupies the leading position in the appropriate sector of Russian packaging market and is famous all other the world. Main production facilities and home office of TOKK Company is located in the advantageous area - Moscow region, in respect to business communications. There are about twelve thousand square meters used for production, six thousand square meters – for stock area,  two thousand square meters - office building.

Today 450 people work for TOKK Company, thus the volume of output per one person is more than in many similar western plants.

Technological production facilities are constantly renovated by regular investments in а new machinery. Our production is equipped with European lines, which are at the peak of technological progress of industry.

TOKK operates on the whole territory of CIS and neighboring countries and has a production branch in Novosibirsk.

The range of products, made by TOKK Company, expands regularly; three new products are put into operation every year.

Today TOKK Company’s main products are:

  • Aluminum caps for liquor-vodka production (more than two billions  annual output)
  • Twist off caps for glass jar (more than 500 million  annual output)
  • Crown caps for beer and soft drinks (2 billion annual output)

In 2005, a new production flow appeared – combined packaging made of plastic and metal. For all TOKK products, we use first-class raw material that successfully tested in the industry and meets international standards. It belongs to metal roll stock made of aluminum and iron, paints, varnishes sealing and lubricating materials. Main raw material is purchased in Western Europe: Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy.