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We produce more than 30 types of aluminum caps, diameter from 18 to 32,2 mm and height from 12 to 60mm for any drinks.
We produce crown caps made of crown type metal cap with a liner for corking of a glass bottle with food liquid.
We produce crown caps made of crown type metal cap with a liner for corking of a glass bottle with food liquid.

TOKK Company specializes in producing aluminum caps, twist off tin caps and crown caps for corking soft drinks and beer.

TOKK company is the largest manufacturer of closure for foodstuff in Russian Federation and the countries of the former USSR.

25 000 m²
company area is used for production
the year of company’s foundation. TOKK – one of the first private enterprises in modern Russia
450 employees
works for TOKK Company, thus the volume of output per one person is more than in many similar western plants

Our mission – market developing of packaging in the closure sector. To produce new innovative products in this field for fully meeting our customer needs and protection of their interests.

We strive to establish open and trust relations with our partners. We undertake to be a fair and creative rival and follow the highest and professional ethical standards in our work.

At the same time, we will constantly strive to expand our presence on the market of packaging. Our social responsibility is to provide our employees with stable and high-quality working conditions, conditions for professional advancement and social security.

The main goal of the company – fully meeting our customer needs in the field of product quality and terms of delivery.

Our production is equipped with European lines, which are at the peak of technological progress of industry. Technological production facilities are constantly renovated by regular investments in а new machinery
To reduce delivery times and transportation costs, separate divisions have been established in Novosibirsk and Krasnodar
+7 495 933-34-70


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