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Aluminum cap

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We produce more than 30 types of aluminum cap diameter from 18 to 32,2mm. and height from 12 to 60 mm. for any alcohol and soft drinks

Special design of TOKK aluminum cap makes possible to use it on any seaming heads and closing machines with the retention of perfect cap configuration and corking quality

Upon the customer’s request, TOKK cap can be provided with a liner or a batcher of various design.

For corking of carbonated drinks, dairy and juice production, infant food, including drinks that need to be pasteurized and sterilized TOKK company offers the cap 28*15 with special moulded liner made of granulate.
Upon the customer’s request, TOKK aluminum cap may include the design with any quantity of colors. Also other types of decoration can be used: raised figure (milling), foil stamping, design element, visible only under UV-light and etc.
As the creator and owner of the cap design type “Kepka” for “Zelenaya marka” vodka TOKK company can work out and produce an exclusive type of a cap under individual requests and sketches.
Today in Russia, CIS and European countries drinks of many popular brands, corked by TOKK aluminum cap, are appreciated.