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The universal size of a 66 mm screw cap allows it to be used for capping a wide range of products, from seafood to canned vegetables. The use of high-quality raw materials and materials in caps manufacturing ensures high quality of products. The TWIST-OFF type lid capping technology allows creating and maintaining a vacuum inside the closed jar for a long time, ensuring the quality of the canned product.


Color: Optional

Cap size: 66 mm

Cap material: white tinplate

External coating: protective lacquer

Decorative coating: paint and varnish materials

Sealing gasket: plastisol

Internal coating: adhesive lacquer

Price per 1000 pcs. (wholesale): on request

We produce more than 30 types of aluminum caps, diameter from 18 to 32,2 mm and height from 12 to 60mm for any drinks. GET A CONSULTATION
We produce crown caps made of crown type metal cap with a liner for corking of a glass bottle with food liquid. GET A CONSULTATION